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Journalspedia is not only upholding research integrity and transparency but also conscientiously assisting the researchers to identify the most trustworthy journal for their credible research.


Journalspedia is a scholarly analytical tool developed by the Asian Council of Science Editors to facilitate the authors in finding the right-fit, trustworthy, and ethically sound journals and publishers for their research publications.

Journalspedia provides a secure and easy-to-use web-based portal to the journal publishers to maintain and manage their basic and journal-related information. The publisher portal offers full control to the Publishers to manage their information.

Publishers need to create an account at Publisher Portal to index their journals in Journalspedia. For this purpose, the publisher’s representatives are directed to submit the “Access Request form” for further considerations and approvals. In that form, you’ll be inquired about; the publisher’s name, physical address, phone number, website, your job title, and a brief description of your role at the requesting publisher. The given information shall be used for account verification and association of user account to that particular publisher.

Upon receiving the Access Request form, our verification team will review & verify the submitted information and activate the verified account immediately. This process may take more or less two weeks.

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