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The Journalspedia Publisher Portal is now open for publishers, individual and society journals to manage their journal’s information for indexing in Journalspedia as well as in our associated recognized databases.

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Journalspedia is a scholarly analytical tool developed by the Asian Council of Science Editors to facilitate the authors in finding the right-fit, trustworthy, and ethically sound journals and publishers for their research publications. Journalspedia provides a secure and easy-to-use web-based portal to the journal publishers to maintain and manage their basic and journal-related information. The publisher portal offers full control to the Publishers to manage their information.







Benefit to Publishers

Journalspedia provides an easy way to maintain transparency by managing their journal's basic information, direct website link, editorial policies, and contact information for the researcher's community. Indexing a journal in Journalspedia helps publishers to increase the new submissions and enjoy the elevated heights of journal's credibility and transparency.


Enhance Credibility

Indexing a journal in Journalspedia enhances the visibility, credibility, transparency and trust of the researcher's community which ultimately helps to develop a good reputation and credibility of the journals/publishers.


Journal's visibility

Indexing a journal in Journalspedia helps the publishers to increase the visibility, dissemination, discoverability, and readership of their journals to enable the researcher's community to benefits from the information and services provided.


Best Publishing Practices

Journalspedia supports the society, not-for-profit and community-led journals to implement the best publishing practices to induce trust in their journals and increase the journal's credibility.


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